Evacuation Route and Egress Lighting

Emergency lighting is primarily intended to provide sufficient illumination to enable people to see and find their way safely out of a building in cases of emergency.

  • It is vital that emergency lighting comes on if the normal lighting fails.
  • It needs to be sufficiently bright, illuminated for enough time, and the light sources so positioned that the occupants of a building can be evacuated safely in an emergency.
  • EN 1838 Emergency Lighting, the Code of Practice for the emergency lighting of premises, offers simple guidance on the positioning of emergency luminaries, minimum height levels, acceptable glare levels, together with minimum routine testing schedules.

Emergency lighting requirements specify that luminaries are positioned:

  • Along escape routes
  • At every change in direction
  • Adjacent to any step or trip hazard
  • Over every flight of stairs so each tread receives direct light
  • Close to firefighting equipment and call points
  • Close to any first aid points
  • Outside every final exit.

The MILS system can be used in a wide range of applications, some ready and some needing further development when the right opportunities come up.

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