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MariMils in collaboration with Bravida

MariMils has signed a collaboration contract with Bravida for the supply of indicative evacuation lighting to the 18 km long E4 motorway tunnel in Stockholm - including approximately 50 km of LED stripe. The project has started in 2015 and is estimated to be ready for traffic in 2030. Bravida is the largest installation company in the Nordic region with offices of around 160 locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Guiding and evacuation low location lightning

Guiding and evacuation low location lightning from MariMils Oy extends over the regulations for the passenger's safety on board.
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MariElectronics shows the way in marine safety

MariElectronic enters the market with two novel ideas for the marine industry.
MILS® evacuation and emergency lighting guides passengers to the safest exit, while Elsi sensor floor improves passenger flow in elevators, helps evacuation, and if requested, can be activated in cabins as a fall and movement detector.